TDIGS, the digital image gallery system

current version: 0.99h


tdigs is a single php file web image album/viewer/rescaler/slideshow program written in php and depending on gd2 support in php. tdigs has support for jpg and png image types. example of what it does is here: tdigs Album list of parties & places I've been to. Rescaling to thumbnail size or web gallery (slideshow) size is done on access and with caching (the image cache is by default in /var/cache/www-data/tdigs)

Notes for UPCOMING new release: I've rewritten tdigs from scratch and changed the following:

Check it out here: Test Site
Planned release date: somewhere between dec. 20 2005 and march 1st 2006.

The goal of this program is for it (installation+usage) to be as simple as possible. You just need to do the following things:


  1. Read the license this program is released under the GNU General Public License v2
  2. You need a webserver (apache) with php 4.2+ with register_globals = On in the php.ini and php4-gd2 png+jpg support (e.g. Debian testing setup)
  3. Download the tdigs.php file here: (use right mouse button, save link... to download)
  4. Make a subdir in your webtree (say "/var/www/My Picture Albums")
  5. put (This is the tdigs program) in there, unzip it and rename tdigs.php to index.php
  6. edit index.php and set the $tmpdir variable to the correct value for you.
    NOTE: It is set by default to /var/cache/www-data/tdigs.
    WARNING: if you have two instances of tdigs active and both instances have a identicly named Album it is possible the wrong thumbnails and slides are shown in either of the tdigs galleries.
  7. create the image cache dir ($tmpdir) (or else you will get errors!) and make sure the uid under which apache/php runs can write to that directory.
    (eg: mkdir /var/cache/www-data/tdigs; chmod 1777 /tmp/tdigs)
  8. Create a directory for your image album (say "/var/www/My Picture Albums/Vacation in Paris 2004/"
  9. Copy your large images in the Vacation in Paris 2004 directory
  10. Browse to " Picture Albums" and enjoy the content :)


Texts for under images can be created in the following way:

	edit "Vacation in Paris 2004/IMG001.jpg.txt"
		write the text in that file
	This text will now appear under the image IMG001.jpg.txt in the slide(show) view and in the thumbnail(index) view

Texts for in the Albums list can be created the following way:

	edit "Vacation in Paris 2004/descr.txt"
		write the text in that file
	This text will now appear left to the link to Vacation in Paris 2004 on the Albums page


Cascading stylesheet (css) support:
tdigs will check for the existance of three files, in the directory tdigs's index.php is placed, which are:

The contents of the above files will be included in the stylesheet definition of the html code. If these files do not exist the default stylesheet will be used (The default stylesheet can be gazed upon in my example albums).

Custom background image:
Place a background.png or background.jpg in the directory tdigs's index.php is placed and it will be used as a background for all pages.

The tdigs program - download v0.99h, 38K, zipped tdigs.php file, to unzip use: unzip


Oldversions: are stored here


GNU General Public License v2 (click the link to read it)

The author

tdigs is written by F. Hagethorn (ferdinand ^at^ hagethorn *dot* com) and is released under the GNU Public License (GPL)

Helping out

I'd like to hear from you, what would you like to see in tdigs?
I'm playing with the following ideas: But I'd really like to hear what you would want to see in tdigs, so drop me a line by email (ferdinand ^at^ hagethorn *dot* com).